Kid Knits Enrichment Cluster is complete

My amazing Enrichment Cluster group wrapped up the year last night with our showcase for parents. This year I taught a group of 15 students how to knit hats on a round loom.
We used the curriculum and kits available at www.kidknits.org. Students learned about global poverty and how a little girl named Ellie started a company to help widowed women in Rwanda. The women were taught how to take the wool from sheep and turn it into yarn that they could sell. Check out this video:
The parents were impressed with the hats and how hard their children worked on them! Here's some of the competed hats. We are donating the hats to a local charity for children.
 Each skein of yarn came with a tag that told about the woman who made the yarn on it. On the back is a space for the students to write about themselves and how they hope to make a difference in the world.
I really enjoyed teaching this class and think it would make an awesome service project for an art club!!


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