What is ART?

You may have noticed this bulletin board outside my classroom during Sneak Peek or last week as you walked down to the Art Studio.  The word art means different things to different people.  This week we will be discussing what ART means to YOU!  A few people have picked up the pen to add their thoughts but there is still space for many more answers!  Please write your answer on one of the paint blobs of the paint palette.  Parents and others who do not attend our school can leave your answers in the comments section below :)

Welcome Back! (Monday Quiz)

Welcome back boys and girls!  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and that you were able to check out some art museums!  I travelled to San Francisco, California this summer.  I was lucky to visit the deYoung museum and SF MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) during my visit.  Check out some of the artwork from the museums:

I think many of you will recognize MOST of these famous artworks.  The first AHE student to correctly name the 8 artists in the comments section below wins an art prize!  Please don't forget to put your first name, last initial, and grade with your answer.  If you know your art day that will be helpful too!
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