Reduction Styrofoam Self-portraits

Fifth grade is finally finishing up the reduction styrofoam prints inspired by Andy Warhol. Here are a few that just came off the drying rack! These prints take a long time but the result is worth the wait!

First we studied facial proportion and used mirrors to draw a self-portrait. Then we transferred the drawings to foam.

We printed 3 colors and reduced the plate before each new color. It was a little tricky to register the plate each time! I think these prints will look great at out art show in March!

-- Mrs. A

Picasso to Warhol at the High Museum!

I have very exciting news!  The Picasso to Warhol show at the High Museum is OPEN!  This amazing exhibition features more than 100 world-famous artworks from the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Each grade level will study two artists featured in the exhibit this school year.
Kindergarten - Piet Mondrian, Henri Matisse
1st grade - Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock
2nd grade - Henri Matisse, Jasper Johns
3rd grade - Joan MirĂ³, Constantin Brancusi
4th and 5th grade - Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder

See below for artists and images included in this amazing exhibit!

I hope you can make it to see the show! Remember, Fulton residents get FREE admission the first Saturday of every month!

Drawing a Portrait

Fifth grade will begin drawing their self-portrait for the reduction print project this week.  If you would like some extra practice, watch these short videos by OliArt!  Don't forget this is a self-portrait - look in the mirror to see how your features are shaped and spaced.

Video 1: Basic proportion

Video 2: Draw along with Oli to make your self-portrait

Boys and girls, if you make a self-portrait at home with these videos please bring it in to show me!

Do you recycle?

Mrs. Argentina is looking for your old CDs or DVDs to make into a weaving project!  If you have an old music or data CD or DVD please send it in!  Scratches are fine :)

Here is what the finished weavings will look like:

I found the picture at this blog - http://makeitawonderfullife.blogspot.com/2011/06/more-cd-weaving.html

Also, when you switch out your calendar for the new year, consider sending your old calendar to the Art Studio.  Calendars often have great images of landscapes, animals, and buildings that we can use as reference for drawing and painting!

Thanks for thinking of us!

Guess whooooo?

Mrs Argentina painted with a famous artist last weekend!  He taught me how to paint a "hoot owl" in his style.  Who knows this artist's name?  Can you remember what KIND of artist he is?

With the exception of the yellow eyes, my painting is using WHAT GROUP OF COLORS?

New Publix Display

Publix Display

The next time you visit our business partner to grocery shop, stop by the pharmacy to see the new display of artwork!  These pictures were created at the end of last year by 3rd graders and were inspired by my favorite artist, Frida Kahlo!  The following students have work on display: Stephanie, Anthony, Lily, David, Ria, Jack, Amanda, Brandon, Lilly, Anuj, Charlie, Alison, Bree, Christopher, Rion, Sophie, Annie, Rhett, Rebecca, and one "no name"!

Boys and girls: who can tell me the difference between a portrait and a self-portrait?

What is ART?

You may have noticed this bulletin board outside my classroom during Sneak Peek or last week as you walked down to the Art Studio.  The word art means different things to different people.  This week we will be discussing what ART means to YOU!  A few people have picked up the pen to add their thoughts but there is still space for many more answers!  Please write your answer on one of the paint blobs of the paint palette.  Parents and others who do not attend our school can leave your answers in the comments section below :)

Welcome Back! (Monday Quiz)

Welcome back boys and girls!  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and that you were able to check out some art museums!  I travelled to San Francisco, California this summer.  I was lucky to visit the deYoung museum and SF MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) during my visit.  Check out some of the artwork from the museums:

I think many of you will recognize MOST of these famous artworks.  The first AHE student to correctly name the 8 artists in the comments section below wins an art prize!  Please don't forget to put your first name, last initial, and grade with your answer.  If you know your art day that will be helpful too!

Empty Bowls Food Drive

Did you know that 37 million Americans received food donations through food pantries last year?

We are halfway through the Empty Bowls Food Drive!

We have collected over 500 cans of food for North Fulton Community Charities so far! Please remember to bring your non-perishable foods by Thursday, March 31. Mrs. Argentina will exchange your canned goods for the ceramic bowl you made in art class. When you take your bowl home please remember the people with empty bowls in out community and think of what you can do to help!

-- Mrs. A
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