5th Grade Study Guide

Dear Fifth Graders,
If you missed our color test last week due to the weather day (or any other reason) you will take your test the next time we have Art.  Please use the information below to review your color knowledge before that time.  ArtLex (http://www.artlex.com/) is an online art dictionary that can help you define some of the terms below.  Good Luck and enjoy your winter break!!

5th Grade Color Quiz Study Guide
1. Wassily Kandinsky is the first artist to make this style of art:

2. Abstract art focuses on which two elements of art?

3. What is a color scheme?

4. Identify the colors in and recognize artwork with the following color schemes:





analogous (uh-nal-uh-gus) :)


5. What is a lighter version of a color, made by adding white to it? (ex. red+ white = pink)

6. What is a darker version of a color, made by adding black to it? (ex. blue+ black = navy)

7. What is a gray version of a color, made by adding black and white to it?

8. Know what primary colors to mix to make the secondary colors.

9. Know what an intermediate color is and how to make one.

10. How can you make a neutral brown?

11. What is contrast? What is an example of two colors with high contrast?


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