5th Grade Study Guide

Dear Fifth Graders,
If you missed our color test last week due to the weather day (or any other reason) you will take your test the next time we have Art.  Please use the information below to review your color knowledge before that time.  ArtLex (http://www.artlex.com/) is an online art dictionary that can help you define some of the terms below.  Good Luck and enjoy your winter break!!

5th Grade Color Quiz Study Guide
1. Wassily Kandinsky is the first artist to make this style of art:

2. Abstract art focuses on which two elements of art?

3. What is a color scheme?

4. Identify the colors in and recognize artwork with the following color schemes:





analogous (uh-nal-uh-gus) :)


5. What is a lighter version of a color, made by adding white to it? (ex. red+ white = pink)

6. What is a darker version of a color, made by adding black to it? (ex. blue+ black = navy)

7. What is a gray version of a color, made by adding black and white to it?

8. Know what primary colors to mix to make the secondary colors.

9. Know what an intermediate color is and how to make one.

10. How can you make a neutral brown?

11. What is contrast? What is an example of two colors with high contrast?

Textures in Clay

I just opened the kiln to find these beautiful textured clay slabs made by Kindergarten students!

Click to see larger!

Students studied properties of clay, form, texture, and pattern. The clay slabs were fired in the kiln to harden them, glazed, and fired again.

Click to see larger!

Did you know Mrs. Argentina fires the clay projects to almost 2000 degrees?
-- Mrs. A

Winter Tree Prints

Third grade students have been creating winter tree prints. After studying the positive and negative space in trees students used poster board to create a printing plate. Students created three prints: a dark color on light paper, white on black paper, and an experimental rainbow roll.

Click to see larger!

Finally, students labeled their prints with the edition number, title, and signature.

Click to see larger!

Currently students are using their printing plate to create a relief sculpture. Photos to come!
-- Mrs. A

Goldfish Still-life

Check out these fabulous first grade still-life pictures! Students studied French artist Henri Matisse and his use of color and pattern. Students used a combination of painting and paper cutouts as Matisse did throughout his life.

-- Mrs. A

Original Works DUE!

Dear parents and students,

All Original Works magnets and orders are due TODAY!  Did you forget?  It's OK, please bring in your magnet or order tomorrow!

I'm still waiting to see which classes won the popsicle party for each grade level!!

Publix and Transportation Center Displays

Click to see larger!
Have you seen the current Publix display?  Second grade artwork is currently featured on the Abbotts Hill bulletin board next to the Publix pharmacy.  Students studied sumi-e painting and created these paintings of bamboo with real sumi ink and bamboo brushes on rice paper!

Abbotts Hill students also had artwork on display at the North Fulton Transportation Center this summer!  The artwork has been on display in the main hall since we returned to school.  Check out these fabulous artworks created by students in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade!!
Click to see larger!

Click to see larger!

Original Works

It is time for Original Works!  You should have all received your packet containing your preview magnet and order brochure in the last few days.  Please return your payment, magent, or order by  November 4!

1 - Decide if you want to keep your magnet
2 - Return your magnet or $6 payment to school in the green biodegradable bag
3 - Decide if you want to order any additional items and include the completed order form and payment in the green biodegradable bag

The products offered by Original Works make great holiday gifts for family
Raise funds for the school to purchase new supplies and equipment for the art department!

Thank you for all of the support!  Please let me know if you have any questions!!

Wait, is this Science or Art?

Fifth grade students started their color unit this week. We completed a color lab in which students had to carefully follow the lab directions, make and record observations, and make inferences about the results. At the end of the lab one student said, "Wait, is this Science or Art?" I replied, "BOTH!"

-- Mrs. A

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and that you were all able to get out and see some art! I went to the High Museum this past Saturday to see the Dali exhibit. I visited the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida in July and have seen the exhibit at the High twice. If you haven't seen the exhibit yet, I have two great opportunites for you to see it FREE!

This Sunday is Target Free Family Day from noon to 5pm. Visit this link for more details on all of the fun activities!

Fulton Free Saturday is available to Fulton County residents and provides free admission to the High Museum the first Saturday of each month! That means you have 3 more chances before the show ends January 9, 2011.

Art Show

It's time! Please join us for the Abbotts Hill Art Show this Thursday, March 18 from 5:30 to 7pm. All 827 students will have a professionally framed piece of artwork on display! Parents, if you are interested in purchasing one of the frames for your child's artwork, they will be available for $20 (cash only please). The black frame with double matting really shows off the colorful art! If you choose to purchase a frame you will take it and the artwork home from the show. All remaining artwork will be returned in the art portfolio at the end of the year.

See you there!!

-- Mrs. A


March is Youth Art Month! I hope everyone will join us on Thursday, March 18 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm for an art show in the gym! Every child in the school will be showing off their BEST work from the year! Each artwork will be framed and hung gallery style in the gym to really show it off. Parents who are interested in purchasing the frame from Artome and taking the artwork home that night should bring $20 (CASH ONLY). All artwork remaining at the end of the night will be taken out of the frames and sent home in your child's art portfolio at the end of the year.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help frame the artwork, staff the art show, take down the frames at the end of the art show, and unframe the remaining artwork. If you can help with any of these and did not receive the email asking for parent volunteers, please email Mrs. Argentina.

Have an art-full month!
Don't forget that this Saturday is Fulton Free Saturday at the High Museum! (Bring ID)

Computer Lab

As January comes to an end I would like to share some wonderful examples of computer art created by the Kindergarteners! Each year I take every grade level to the computer lab for 3 to 4 weeks to create art using technology. During the month of January I have spent my afternoons in the lab with 2nd grade, 1st grade, and Kindergarten. Kindergarten students are being introduced to Kidpix and practicing how to use the program to create lines, shapes, and areas of color. We study still-lifes created by famous artists like Cezanne and Thiebaud then create our own. Here are some of the students adding finishing details to their artwork.




"Can we take another test next week?"

Fifth graders completed their color unit and took their color test just before we left for Winter Break. We used the ActivBoard and ActivVotes for this assessment. The students love being able to choose their answer on their own hand-held ActiVote and get immediate feedback on their answer! Can you believe they say that taking a test this way is "fun" and they acutally ask me if they can take another test the following week??
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