First Grade Cityscapes

Look at the awesome cityscapes first grade just finished! First we printed the lines of our buildings with acrylic paint. Next we used liquid watercolors in either a warm or a cool color scheme to paint each shape. The really neat part was using some tertiary colors like yellow-green and red-orange. We learned that each tertiary color is named after the primary and secondary colors that make it.

These are going to look GREAT on the magnets!

-- Mrs. A

Original Works

It is time for Original Works again! For parents and students who are new to the school this is a program that turns your artwork into products such as tshirts, calendars, mugs, notecards, and more! These items make great gifts and are perfect for family during the holiday season. Here are a few photos I snapped a few weeks ago as we were working on the artwork.
1st grade cats - using Warhol as inspiration

3rd grade O'Keeffe paintings (sorry, I can't get them to turn)

4th grade paper molas

I will be preparing the finished artwork to mail this week. In October you will receive a packet from Original Works which contains information about placing an order and a sample magnet. If your family does not wish to order anything this year just return the packet to school and you will receive your child's artwork back. If you decide to place an order return the order form and check made out to Original Works. Your child's artwork will be returned when your order arrives. If you would like to purchase the sample magnet please keep it and send in payment for $6. Otherwise please return the magnet to school so that we can return it to Original Works.

Please look for more information in your child's Friday Folder or email me if you have any questions!

-- Mrs. Argentina
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