Doodle for Google contest entry

We have reached the deadline for the Doodle for Google contest that I wrote about in February. Today I received an entry from Sarah in 1st grade. She did a great job!

The theme of the contest was "What I Wish for the World" and Sarah's doodle shows us that her wish is "that everyone should have a home, be friends, have food, use green energy and not cheat at games." Great job Sarah and good luck!

4th grade batik

Fourth grade students have been working on wonderful Endangered Species artworks for our artshow in April. We are using an oil pastel resist technique to duplicate the look of fabric batiks. Batik is a process that originated in Indonesia over 1500 years ago in which wax is painted onto cloth before it is dyed. Then when the wax is removed the original color of the fabric shows on those areas. For our batik students used oil pastels to create the resist areas on our paper and white chalk for the areas that we did not want to resist. Then we painted the entire paper with purple paint and wiped it back off. The paint wiped off easily from the oil pastel areas but stainded the areas that were only chalk. Here are some examples of the steps in the process.


Atlanta Humane Society Art Contest

If you love animals like I do then this is the Art Contest for you! Sponsored by the Atlanta Humane Society the theme for this contest is "Be Kind to Animals Week." Winning entries could earn up to $100 and possibly appear in the forthcoming book The Art of Being Kind. All proceeds of book sales will benefit the animals at the Atlanta Humane Society. For more details visit http://www.atlantahumane.org/services/artcontest.htm or email Mrs. Argentina. All entries are due at the AHS by March 31.

Here are some Andy Warhol cat drawings to inspire you:
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