Paper Sculptures

Third grade students recently made paper sculptures out of folded Post-It notes. Before beginning the artwork students had to plan a balanced design and choose a color scheme. Next, students carefully folded the papers and attached them to a backing paper in the order of their color plan. This artwork is currently on display in the main hallway. Everyone who walks by has had nice comments about the artwork! Great job third grade!
~Mrs. A

Wire Shoes

Fifth Grade recently created wire shoes after studying contour line and Alexander Calder’s wire sculptures. The shoes have been on display on the main hall since the Fun Run last month and are now coming down. Here are a few photos for those who did not get the chance to check them out! Students even formed their intials for their signature out of the wire!


China's Terracotta Army at the High Museum

The High Museum in Atlanta has an amazing new exhibit! The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army will be available for viewing until April 19. I highly recommend everyone makes the trip to Atlanta to view the exhibit! This Saturday is a perfect opportunity to visit since it is Fulton County Free Saturday! On the first Saturday of every month the High Museum welcomes Fulton County residents to the museum for free!

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