Guest Artist

I invited guest quilt artist Debra Svitil to present her work to the students last Wednesday during Early Release Day. The students really enjoyed her presentation about her quilts and all want me to read them the book that she showed them called The Quiltmaker's Gift. They are also very interested in making a quilt of their own! Since giving to charities is a big part of quilting culture, Mrs. Svitil has offered to help our students make quilts to be donated to local charities like Children's Hospital! The 8 classes who viewed the presentation will create quilt block designs that Mrs. Svitil will make into quilts. She says the 160 blocks we create will make about 4 quilts! It sure would be amazing if every student in the school could participate in this project. If anyone else out there could help us make some quilts for charity please let me know! We have about 640 additional students in our school which sounds like 16 more quilts... wow that sure could make a difference to someone who needed some Holiday Cheer!

Updated Art Blog

Hi everyone! I created this blog in 2007 as a place for people to leave messages for our Found Art project. I am now adding posts to keep parents and students up to date on what is happening in the Art Studio at Abbotts Hill. Feel free to subscribe by email and be notified when a new post is added!
While you’re here don’t forget to feed Vincent and answer some questions to help end hunger at Free Rice!
~Mrs. A
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